Graeme Macrae Burnet at Woodlands Workspace, 4 Oct 2017

"It’s a rainy night in Glasgow, even by Glasgow standards, when I find myself among a crowd of less than twenty people, knee to knee with Graeme Macrae Burnet, at Woodlands Workspace – a new hub for arts and events that opened at the end of September. Two walls of the small venue are floor... Continue Reading →

A Short Time in Venice

There’s a traffic jam at the Rialto bridge. Speedboats, gondolas, flat-bottomed working boats – all are stationary right back to Rialto Mercato. The boats are so packed it might be possible, if one were fit enough, to walk across the Grand Canal stepping from one vehicle to another. On the balcony of the Ca d’Angeli... Continue Reading →

The Hiker and the Hawk

When light and shade reach a high contrast, the heat burns the weeds, and the pebbles crackle under the soles of the boots of a young ornithologist, his face and arms tanned by a merciless desert sun

Up, Up and Away!

The umbrella loved walking around. The feeling of floating above everybody, awash with the warm streams of rain was inexpressible – he’d go into raptures...

Fresh Ink

A blanket shadowed their world in darkness. They hesitated briefly before starting their journey to the familiar silver ring.

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