3 Sea Stories

Isle of Aur

Tales speak of an island lost in the fog somewhere in the ocean, not found on any map. It is said that it can only be revealed in the high seas to worthy travellers. Old sailors in taverns claim to have glimpsed and then lost it from sight, straining their eyes against wind and weather. Eternal bliss is said to await those who witness its glistening glory, and that once they set foot on this land, they never wish to leave.

They say that people there are never cold or stressed, but always glow and smile. Nobody labours for themselves, but for others, sharing all that they have. They live on a golden mountain and wear wings on their back. Before dusk, they always light a fire. And when they sing, the heavens hear a sweet, spine-tingling harmony.

I’ve never seen that island, I know I never will. Yet, whenever I reach a shore, I’m as happy as a man can be. Earth is heaven-like enough.


Sea Monster

A wave washed it up to the coast. An ugly little thing it was, like a baby fish-lizard frog. At first, I thought it was dead, but when I plunged it into water, it made bubbles. I thought of returning it to the sea, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Turns out, I liked its soft exterior and its round eyes. Delicious!


Deluge of Dereliction

On the seventh night, you rested, having not worked responsibly the previous six. Slothful, laid back, you did not replace the rusted connectors.

The engineer also postponed repairing the sea wall, demanding a bribe.

The forecaster downplayed the oncoming storm, catering to his political friends’ requests.

The officials failed to perform the infrastructure checks or notify the inhabitants, having spent the maintenance budget on reckless gambles.

They, like you, had been corrupted, neglecting their duty to maintain order in society. This accumulation of injustice fed the flood, consuming everyone.


Apostolos Giannaras

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