We’re Moving!

Hey folks! We've got an announcement to make: James over at Stewed Rhubarb has very kindly given us space on his server, so we're packing up and moving to AETHERANDICHOR.COM! We've got a lot of wonderful subscribers, and we're in the process of migrating you all to the new site, but you'll have to choose to... Continue Reading →


Every Tear Unshed

It was the summer I turned eleven when I got famous. If someone brings it up now, Pa just laughs and tells me the right word is infamous. He says I should try to see it as a life experience. Then again, he also called the whole thing a grade A shit-show. It was Mikey... Continue Reading →

Outmatched: A Jagged Steel Creek Chronicle

Rico rode for months before he picked up the Tinker’s trail. He rode through woods in the South with trees millennia old that grew higher than the clouds, populated by ancient giants and cybernetic dwarves. He searched through the metal midlands of the robot nation to the East, where his alloy limbs and half-mechanical face... Continue Reading →

Out of the Shadows

There are seven boats pulled up on the bank side of a river. I find numbers important. Their winter covers are still on. It’s now summer so that is six to nine months and nobody disturbs them except the tidal movement in the estuary. It’s raining heavily and night is falling; never a good time.... Continue Reading →

Salt the Earth

Dad is trying to teach me again. “It's really cool, you know,” he says through the dumb beard he's growing now. “You just need to focus, Alice.” God. I am already, Dad! I am! I reach out into the fabric of reality itself or whatever...

The Sleep Rider

Helen was discovered at dawn. She was sat at the edge of the Feyness Cliffs. Cold all through, fingers bunched to fists within the deep folds of her mam’s taatit blanket which she refused to surrender. Stripes of slime marked her legs from the traivels of slugs and snails. Her lips remained closed. Nae takkin... Continue Reading →

The Tattoo

Leaning against the bar, Leo spoke into his cell phone. “Yes, sir. Everything’s in place. The tenants will be out by the end of the month.” He waved to the bartender to bring another scotch. “Yes, sir. I’ve bought out those I could and hired some gentlemen to ‘persuade’ the ones who couldn’t decide quickly... Continue Reading →

3 Sea Stories

Isle of Aur Tales speak of an island lost in the fog somewhere in the ocean, not found on any map. It is said that it can only be revealed in the high seas to worthy travellers. Old sailors in taverns claim to have glimpsed and then lost it from sight, straining their eyes against... Continue Reading →

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